Weekend Recap: Bringing in the Christmas Spirit

It’s getting increasingly more difficult not to be wrapped up in the upcoming holiday season, and this weekend only served to further my enjoyment of all things Christmas. From start to finish, we managed to embed a little holiday cheer into our weekend as well as curl up in bed and relax…


Friday night we chose to stay in and continue our current Scandal binge-watching-marathon. We are somewhere in Season 2 and it’s safe to  say we are both hooked. I am looking for satin pjs and a wine glass with a 12 inch stem just so I can be like Olivia Pope.

Saturday we decided it was time to begin Christmas shopping, so we drove up to the Leesburg Outlet Mall. It wasn’t overly crowded, but I think we both agreed that doing our shopping early is better than fighting the masses in a few weeks. We walked around and had little success shopping, but enjoyed the atmosphere and the holiday music.

Saturday night, Scott and I attended a fundraiser for the Langley Residential Support Services at a private house in Mclean. The place was packed, and it was a beautiful thing to see so many people gather to raise money for such a worthy cause.

Sunday we finally experienced Evening Star in Del Ray, Alexandra for brunch. Though brunch feels like a competitive sport around DC, we felt the meal was solid. No surprise that I ordered Eggs Benedict, and Scott indulged on the Chicken and Waffles. We vowed that our early meal would warrant a trip to the gym, which thankfully, we made good on. After brunch we spent far too long roaming the aisles at Target in search of Christmas movies. We returned home with The Santa Clause and spent the rest of the evening attending to odds and ends and enjoying home made hot chocolate and great holiday film.

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Few weekends are left before the true holiday weekends are upon us and people begin running around like headless chickens. We hope you had yourselves a wonderful and relaxing weekend  – so tell us, what did YOU do?


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    1. Sounds like a great weekend!
      I have to admit, I am not at all ready for the holidays, or the cold. I haven’t started on any shopping and the thought of it sends me into a panic! But I am enjoying the calm before the storm. This weekend was spent holed up in a cozy cabin in the Shenandoah with my husband, his brother and my SIL. It was perfect. This weekend is going to be laid back as well. I’m hoping to do some TV marathoning as well, and perhaps get started on that shopping.

    1. I’m ready for Black Friday, so I can hopefully score some affordable deals for Millie. Miss you. xoxo

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