May in Review

Aside from 3 weeks of walking pneumonia, we did our best to keep May as busy and as exciting as possible. We found several new restaurants we love and had the opportunity to attend some incredible events. The year is winding down quickly at school, and then July will find us apart for a little bit while I head home to spend time with family. We are looking so forward to June, but are happy to reflect on some of our “favorites” of May…

Favorite Restaurant:

Scott & AlEl Centro D.F.

El Centro-27 El Centro-18

Favorite Brunch:

ScottRedline GastroLounge

Brunch-5 Brunch-1

Al – Homemade brunch on our roof

Favorite Happy Hour:

ScottSTK Lounge (post coming!)

IMG_4763 IMG_4769

AlSociety Fair (post coming!)

Favorite Thing We Did :

ScottChef’s Best with Food and Friends

Collage 9

Al – Happy Hour Meet-Up in Old Town

Favorite Post:

Scott19 Relationships We Get Asked

AlAll the World’s My Stage

Steel_0029 1743

What we take away from May…

Scott – Looking back, try your hardest to remember the little moments. This month was so fast that we barely caught our breath. Excited to make June the best month yet.

Al – Can’t wait to kick this pneumonia.


Hello, June!!

-Scott and Al



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