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DC Weather Got You Down? Here’s a list of things to keep you preoccupied.

Oh thank God, it’s raining out – AGAIN! I was beginning to get worried that the puddles were close to drying up. Who doesn’t love a gorgeously overcast day, with beautiful gray clouds, and no thought of sunlight?  The DC weather has given us a true taste of a Twilight vampire’s dream scenario and has me wondering if the skies are still blue.

While we continue to hope the days of shorts and t-shirts are just around the corner, we’ve realized it’s time to make a list of things we can do in the meantime.

  • It’s movie time! Judging by the weather reports you can watch a trilogy or even the entire set of James Bond movies.
  • Book a trip to the beach. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, I’m thinking we’re off to an island this fall.
  • I guess it’s time to think about cleaning. Scrubbing the counters, mopping the floor, and steam cleaning the carpets…it’s also time to relax. Don’t get me wrong, it’s time to think about cleaning, but I’ll wait for awhile before actually acting on that one.
  • It might be time to stick it to the dreary skies and head to one of your favorite restaurants or bars. We’ve been to a couple restaurants when it’s been pouring outside, and have always left in a better mood.bardeco-13 magnolias-3
  • Rather than whining, I’ll just pour a glass of wine and think about how comfortable my giant blanket is!
  • Guess what doesn’t go away in the rain – the ridiculousness of the 2016 Presidential race. Looks like you can still catch up on the news.
  • This might finally be your excuse to have a dinner date-in. Come up with a new recipe, or an old favorite, and impress your guest as you work your way around the kitchen.
    Our winter months are full of date nights IN, which always include guacamole and red wine.
    Our life is full of date nights IN, which always include guacamole and red wine.
  • Online shopping! Not only can you buy a bunch of things from the comfort of your living room, you can also celebrate a couple days later when it’s still raining, but now you have some cool new stuff.
  • Did I mention you could just have alone time under the covers? You know, because it’s warm and cozy under the covers.weekendrecapNov15-1

Well, another day and another weather report that includes rain in the forecast. I guess Scarlett said it best, “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

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