Happy 10 Years, Guacamole!! (and Giveaway!)

10 years ago exactly, with my nose tipped up in the air to avoid making contact with the most grotesque food ever presented, I was forced by my companions to try the smallest bite of guacamole.


Sitting in Panchitos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in NYC’s Greenwich Village, my life changed forever.

I intended to pay homage to one of the deepest love affairs of my life by making the journey north this weekend to revisit the scene of the crime. But alas, time, money, and December germs got the best of me and so we will be celebrating at home.


I have written about my love here, here, here, and here, And I even urged President Obama to allow me the honor of showing him the best green stuff DC has to offer. I haven’t heard back, but I’m still holding out hope.

People know me for my obsession, and rarely does a day go by without someone posting on my Facebook wall, tagging me on Instagram, or my students bribing me with avocado related items.

image2 image1 (1)

In the future, I plan on adopting two more dogs and naming them Ava and Cado. It will happen.


So, my dears, celebrate for me by enjoying a huge bowl of guacamole this weekend. Tag @dcminute and use the hashtag #dcminutelovesguac in an original and creative avocado/guacamole photo on Instagram or Twitter to enter for your chance to WIN your own copy of my favorite cookbook, Absolutely Avocados by Gaby Dalkin.  Entries close Sunday night at 12:00AM.


Guac on, friends!!


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