Capitol City Brewing Company: OKTOBERFEST!

Capitol City Brewing Company did it again; they put on one hell of a party. Last Saturday afternoon, the 15th Annual Oktoberfest was held in the streets of Shirlington, and everyone and their brother got the memo.


Scott was out of town, so my friend and I took to the event in the hopes of everything Oktoberfest promises – German dancing, a few errant men in lederhosen, and great beer. Thankfully, we got it all.

From left to right: Brand Marketing Manager Olivier LeRu-Riboulot Owner/Founder David von Storch Lead Brewer Matt Ryan

With 60+ breweries in attendance, their was no shortage of pumpkin beer ready to try. I am not a huge beer drinker, but I found enjoyment in several of the ciders present. My favorite? The Woodchuck Summer Cider. Bubbles in my mouth. And Lord knows I love bubbles…

Oktoberfest-5 Oktoberfest-3


Not only did I find bubbles, but I found a little bit of my heart and New York when I stumbled on the Ithaca tent. I had to try their Pumpkin brew, which of course, didn’t disappoint.

Oktoberfest-8 Oktoberfest-7

We indulged on pretzels and potato salad as we watched the authentic German dances. It’s no wonder I felt like watching Sound of Music when I got home. Yes, I know it’s a different country – but I was poisoned by the lederhosen.

Oktoberfest-11 Oktoberfest-9 Oktober-3

And speaking of Lederhosen…


The place was packed and the festival was a raging success. Though we love happy hour at Capitol City, we love when it spills onto the streets in Shirlington for all to enjoy. And of course it wouldn’t be fall without Oktoberfest!


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