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Weekend Recap: Pride, Wine, and Mini Golf

After the last few weekends of wine festivals and crammed schedules, Scott and I finally had a weekend to plan ourselves. Scott’s Mantra over the past month has been  “In June….” So this weekend, we did our best to relax while crossing many items off of our June to-do list.

On Friday, Scott and I took a walk in the evening sun over to one of Old Town’s wine bars, Grape and Bean. We enjoyed the patio last fall, but on Friday were able to take a breather in the AC and nosh on a few small plates while sipping on a flight of wine each. Grape and Bean has a wonderful atmosphere, but limited outside seating so make sure you are there well before prime happy hour time.

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I have to admit, I am not usually a chain-type restaurant goer, but since Austin Grill got a new face lift on their Old Town location (and they have added in tableside guacamole) Scott and I met a friend for a late dinner which comprised of guac and avocado tacos. Perfection. We really love the updated decor and the menu changes, and it’s super convenient for a late night snack.

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Saturday morning was a lazy one, but after a week of testing at school, I was exhausted and needed the extra few cups of coffee to inspire me. It wasn’t until almost 2 o’clock that we ventured out and about, but we had eagerly anticipated a DC trip to check out Crios Modern Mexican (formal review coming) before stepping onto the streets to enjoy the Capital Pride Parade. Crios is located in the Dupont area of DC, and offers a fresh, modern twist to the traditional Mexican-style restaurant. More tacos and guac, but can a girl ever get enough? The answer is no.

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Although Capital Pride is typically synonymous with rainbows and banana-hammocks, for us it means so much more. Scott and I both have a vested interest in the equality of all people, and any function that supports this awareness is ok by us. Moreso, it occurred to me as I stood alongside this city’s diverse population that I am SO incredibly lucky to live in a place that advocates for causes such as this one, and allows the most bizarre floats and uncovered flesh to roam the streets. I couldn’t help but be drawn into the excitement, nudging my way up to the sidelines to high-five and represent with some parade swag. I got into it, but kept my clothes on.

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Sunday for us is all about enjoying our local digs. Scott and I typically walk hand in hand along brick sidewalks and historic old homes on our way to get coffee and brunch in Old Town. However,  this trip into town included a stop at La Fromagerie, a wine and cheese bistro on King Street.  It’s been on our bucket list for a few months, and finally this Sunday afforded the opportunity to indulge in a platter of exquisite meats and cheeses, all recommended to us by their knowledgeable staff. Instead of a heavy brunch, Scott and I left feeling satisfied and energized for our next stop…

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In the course of 18 months Scott and I have only ONCE played mini-golf, a situation we needed to rectify. I am competitive, ranking somewhere up near Monica on Friends. Scott is the silent competitor, and was able to slide in for a win by ONE point. All this means that I am going to become an avid mini-golfer this summer so we can compete when we meet up in Orlando at the end of July. Game on, Scott…

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Sunday evening meant a quick trip to the grocery store (with my 6’5 Customer-in-Training) so that Scott could hone his creative side with a Sloppy Joe Pizza for dinner. It was one of those “what do you want for dinner” moments that we couldn’t decide between pizza and some Manwich. Hence, the best of both worlds. Think what you may, but it was actually delicious and will most likely added to the menus of our nations’ finest pizza joints once they read this post.

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We have so much planned for this month before I head north for summer break, and we are taking advantage of every free moment.

Tell us, what did your weekend include? And be honest….Sloppy Joe Pizza – yay or nay?


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