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Our 700th Post: 2017 Holidays in Medina, NY(and video!)

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 700th post on In a DC Minute than with this one – 700 posts? Really?? So. Many. Words. And even more memories….

I’m going to blame it on being sick and back to work, this tardy recap of our first holiday season on Fox Cross. It was truly magical, but it came and went too quickly.  With Adrienne’s wedding and a zillion holiday gatherings, it’s hard to believe we are almost a week into the New Year. 

I made sure to take a lot of holiday video, and had to weed through a few hours of footage to snag some of my favorite scenes of our quaint little village. We hope you enjoy a look at Medina and Fox Cross during the 2017 Holiday Season! 

Now, bring on good times in 2018….

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    1. I left Medina 14 years ago. It is good to see the town again at Christmas time. Thanks for the post.

    1. Love this! You have captured Medina so perfectly. 💛

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