Our Guide To Mastering Autumn In Western New York

While the start of fall brings us a lot of excitement, it also is very challenging. This fall represents the first one with Alix back in the classroom and us officially owning Fox Cross Farm. Needless to say, the days are flying by much too quickly during our favorite season…

Fall will happen no matter what, while we won’t get 4-5 blog posts out a week, we aren’t going to let one of our favorite times pass us by.  So now we are holding ourselves accountable:  here is our guide of things we plan to do to keep us enjoying one of our favorite seasons:

  1. We will at some point have something pumpkin flavored and will certainly engaged in a discussion of whether or not the flavor should receive praise. It’s not truly fall until you’ve weighed in on this flavor. Pumpkin bread is my favorite.
  2. Visit the Niagara Wine Trail. With harvest upon us wineries are always gearing up to showcase new things and share news about future vintages. Leonard Oakes Winery, Freedom Run Winery, Arrowhead Spring Vineyard, and Chateau Niagara Winery should be part of your tour. arrowheadspringvineyards-7
  3. If you’re not already growing them in your backyard, venture out to find a pumpkin. Visit one of the many farms or roadside stands, and if you’re feeling adventurous pick your own. columbusdayrecap-2
  4. While pumpkins might dominate social media posts, it’s cider that I’m thinking about. Visit Robert’s Farm Market and pick up several sweet ciders. If you know where we live feel free to drop one off.
  5. Grab your camera and go for a drive. We have the benefit of living by several country roads, and now is the best time to find a couple miles to wander around. Whether it’s just snapping photos from your car, hiking through a park, or walking around a neighborhood, there’s plenty of worthwhile sites. 
  6. I’m patiently waiting for the temperatures to feel like fall again, and then it’s off to Becker Farms for donuts. I might have a beer, or glass of wine, but when all is said and done, I’ll be going home with a bag of sweet carbs. columbusdayrecap-6
  7. Wineries get most of our attention in the fall, but we’ll also be visiting some distilleries this time around. Our recent infatuation with TommyRotter products has us wondering what else the area has to offer. 
  8. Our blog is about to highlight several more DIY projects. Now that the property is officially ours, it’s time to play. Take advantage of some cooler temperatures to pick some end of projects to complete. bedroombeforeafter
  9. Football is synonymous with fall. Make some food, invite friends over, find your best Buffalo Bills gear, and remember to throw the ball around during halftime. friendfootball
  10. Fall foods and beverages are some of my favorites, and that means it’s finally time for soups and chilis. While butternut squash is a favorite we always do our best to find less common recipes. 
  11. Drink Oktoberfest beers! Simple and straightforward. Oktoberfest-8
  12. Focus a couple weeks on Halloween. Decorate, watch scary movies (Hocus Pocus is scary enough), plan an original or themed costume, and eat plenty of candy. 
  13. Come up with something creative to share for Thanksgiving Dinner. Stuffing empanadas and turkey flatbreads are two that we’ve tried in the past. thanksgiving -2
  14. Finally…turn on the radio, listen to Christmas music, and get ready for the holiday season to kickoff! christmastreehuntorganix-71

What are you doing to enjoy the season? 

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