11 Reasons To Be Excited Football Season Is Back!

A great thing happened 2 years ago: Alix was invited into a fantasy football league. I rooted all year that her competitive spirit would be rewarded with a good team, and to my delight it was. She’s had back to back playoff teams and at first glance this year’s team looks good again. All of this and the fact that Tyrod Taylor ended up on the Buffalo Bills has led us to watching a lot of football. The question is no longer “Do you really want to watch the football game?” It’s now, “Do I have anybody playing tonight, I better check my line-up?”

With one week of football behind us, and the Buffalo Bills already tugging at all of our emotions, here’s a list of the reasons to be excited the season is back:

  1. The return of football is a clear sign that fall is upon us.  foxcrossfarm-6
  2. After the first week, the Buffalo Bills stand alone at the top of the AFC East. Moral victories after 1 week are OK. 
  3. Football food is great! Calories don’t count while watching the game, so eat up. firstdays-5
  4. If you’re in the WNY area, you know you’re the only group eating real wings during the season. 
  5. #5 is Tyrod Taylor, obviously. Take a look at Tyrod’s first two seasons as a Bills QB and compare it to others in franchise history. We’re rooting for him to shock naysayers. tyrodtaylor-3
  6. Our good friend Chris Trapasso just announced he’s now writing about the Bills for the Buffalo News. This gives us a great place to get all of our news from someone we know.
  7. On Sundays, and some Mondays and Thursdays, the most difficult decision comes down to what Bills t-shirt to wear. 
  8. Football attire is a great conversation starter on Sunday mornings. People say, “good luck today” as though you’ve just been notified you’re playing quarterback. Billsfan
  9. Stores, businesses, and homes add signage to support their teams. If enough people will it, your team wins every week. 
  10. Finally after 17 seasons of not making the playoffs, the Bills will shock everyone and make it back! You heard it hear first. 
  11. Three great holidays happen during football season. Clearly, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all are made better knowing football season is also occurring. By the way, the Bills play on Christmas Eve. Santa, I’m preparing my letter now. untitled-4

Are you excited football season is back?

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