Guest Post: Sunday Brunchin’ at Becker’s

Happy Friday! Allow me to introduce Taylor of Succulents and Sunnies – a lifestyle blogger who happens to share our love of the beautiful terrain in between Rochester and Buffalo. We recently had the chance to finally sit down and connect, and our conversation immediately drifted to food – no surprise there. Here, Taylor shares a recent brunch date at Becker Farms…


For those of you who are familiar with the Niagara Wine Trail, you probably know Becker Farms as the home of Vizcarra Vineyards. For me, growing up just 5 minutes away from the farm, it was the location of multiple school field trips, family apple picking and childhood Christmas tree shopping.

Over the last decade, Becker Farms has steadily grown into a true destination with the winery, a brewery, lodging and Sunday brunch, the latter being the reason for our latest visit. I went to school in Ithaca, a city that takes brunch *very* seriously, so I am always game for a new brunch adventure and I’m usually able to convince my boyfriend Cody that drinks with breakfast are a good idea.


Sunday brunch is served in the brewery, and we managed to arrive after the initial opening rush and before any huge wine tour groups stopped in. The meal is buffet-based, with drink options including the usual mimosas, poinsettias and bloody Marys, as well as the brew pub’s collection of their own ciders and local craft beers. The mimosas and poinsettias are made with the farm’s own cider and as a big fan of champagne-based mimosas, these drinks took a few sips to get used to. Cody, on the other hand, loved them right off the bat.


The buffet was filled with biscuits and gravy, quiche, pasta primavera, home fries, fruit, salad and a collection of desserts. The biscuits, paired with the vegetable-filled gravy, were the unexpected highlight of my meal and the quiche easily warranted seconds. Cody enjoyed the pasta, which was also packed with fresh veggies.

beckerfarmbrunch-3 beckerfarmbrunch-2

Every time my family visits Becker Farms, we come home with at least one apple pie, whether we planned to or not, so I was excited to see it on the dessert table. Served with whipped cream, it is just so stinking good.

This unassuming buffet won’t be as Instagram-worthy as a downtown brunch hot spot, but I can confidently recommend taking the drive out to Becker Farms for local cider, gorgeous views and Sunday morning comfort food!


Thanks Taylor for sharing your brunch at Becker’s with us! And make sure you visit Taylor’s blog, as well as her lovely Instagram and Twitter page

Happy weekend, all! 

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