Wine (Group) Date: Arrowhead Spring Vineyards

Scott and I always stand behind our reviews and date posts, and on any given day or any given date night, our impressions are founded on the experience we have. Product, service, atmosphere – it all combines to form our narrative here on the blog. Our experiences in the past at Arrowhead Spring Vineyards were not always spectacular, and that is why we firmly believe in multiple trips to a location in order to better recommend our readers take the time to visit.

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Our last trip to Arrowhead Spring Vineyards was light years beyond any of our previous experiences, and we are already counting down the days to share a bottle of wine on the patio of their future tasting room (set to open early this summer). The wine was incredible, the atmosphere warm, and the conversations we had with both the owners and the winemaker utterly delightful.

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A few weeks ago, several of our friends got together and we had a group date to a few of our favorite Niagara Wine Trail wineries. Our first stop was at Arrowhead, and we spent almost two hours getting a behind the scenes look at the winery, as well as the new construction that has all eyes peeled on the progress. Our group ranged from experienced wine tasters and connoisseurs to wine-tasting newbies, which allowed for a range of opinions and perspectives.

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What are we most excited about? The addition of a Port and the 2015 Merlot, which I can’t wait to hit the tasting room so we can put several bottles on our shelf. The Syrah is always a highlight, as well as the Cabernet Sauvignon. This region continues to surprise us in the evolution of the red wine scene, and we are thrilled that the depth of flavor is rivaling some of our favorite wines in Virginia. It’s because of wineries like Arrowhead, Freedom Run, Leonard Oakes and Chateau Niagara that we feel huge strides are being made to expand this area’s understanding of red wine.

arrowheadspringvineyards-1 arrowheadspringvineyards-2We sat as a group, played with the best winery dog in the world, and sipped excellent red wine on one of the coldest days of the winter here in Western New York. An incredible afternoon at Arrowhead was had that will warrant many, many future trips. Thank you Robin and Duncan for indulging our group for the day!


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    1. Gorgeous photos that highlight a truly wonderful afternoon! Thanks for having us!

      1. Always the best way to spend a day – with incredible friends :) xo

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