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I’m Dating a Married Man

Guys – it finally happened. After 5 years together and 22 years of knowing each other, Scott and I became husband and wife last Saturday. 

There. Are. No. Words. 

There are so many people we need to thank, so many messages of love and well-wishes in which we need to respond, and so many feelings that we need to capture here before they became a distant memory.

But for today, while I regroup and try to find the right way to express the depth of what transpired over the last few months that culminated in the happiest day of our lives, I’ll leave you with the few pictures that others posted (and thank goodness they did, because I cannot wait to see more!!) and I think you’ll be able to see the emotion better than I can write it. 

wedding 11 wedding 10 wedding7 wedding 8 wedding 9

Honestly, had it not been for the myriad of cell phones present to capture these in between moments, Scott and I would be crawling out of our skin waiting to see wedding photos. We did our best to include hashtags, handles, and photo opportunities all throughout the evening. While we take advantage of Verizon’s unlimited data plan out here in the country, it’s obvious that our guests do the same with the amount of photos in our feed. I was so anti-cell phones during the ceremony for awhile, but after a few months on the plan and keeping my incredible Galaxy s8 camera on me at all times, I couldn’t help but hope for a few stellar cell shots. And I got ’em :)

wedding 6 wedding 5 wedding 4 wedding 3 wedding

Via JAZ Photography
Via JAZ Photography

wedding 14 wedding 13

via JAZ Photography
via JAZ Photography
Via JAZ Photography
Via JAZ Photography

To everyone who has sent us love and light and congratulations – we are humbled and grateful for you, and I am over the moon to start this next chapter of dating a married man. 

** Featured image courtesy of The DC Fashion Fool – check out his wedding recap on his blog! 

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