NYC, Here We Come!!

Though Scott and I will always be faithful to DC, we are cheating a little this week and running off to NYC for a rendezvous in our other favorite US metro city. What’s the reason??? 

Thanks to our partnership with Verizon (yes, we are lucky souls and ambassadors for their new Unlimited package – which, by the way, is LIFE CHANGING) we are spending a quick 24 hours in the city to explore Verizon’s Connected Home.  We will check out all of the must have items to make our farm life a bit more tech savvy. 

Major Wish List Item? This security camera – the Canary Smart Home Security System –  that sends a notification with recorded HD video if “out-of-the-ordinary activity is detected, eliminating unnecessary action if the dog sets off a sensor or your brother stops by unannounced to do some laundry. Canary takes note of the natural rhythms of your home and adjusts its smart notifications accordingly to decrease false alarms.” So, basically, all the wildlife on this property would be no problem with the Canary. 

Canary Security Camera, image via

I have dreams of a smart home, and I have a feeling this trip will put me over the edge. 

Not only THAT – but guys. I almost feel bad saying this, really. 

TICKETS TO U2!!!!!! 

We will hang out at the concert, and don’t worry, use our unlimited data to share the experience with you. Just another way that Verizon is making our life better and easier ;)

More importantly, we’re here to help with all of your Verizon and data questions, and relay them back to people who can make a difference and hear what you have to say. Lay it on us so we have some new talking points to share with our Verizon friends on Thursday! 


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