“Unlimited” Ideas for Mother’s Day

My poor mother. I am 33 years old and have JUST moved off of her cell phone plan.

For the last 15 years, my mother has been the saint to foot the bill for my sister and I as we have toted our cute cell phones all over the country. However, we aren’t the best when it comes to minding our data plan.

We talked it over and so for Mother’s day this year, Mom is getting cut free from the data message of doom, and we are switching to Unlimited from now on.


Scott and I had a million errands to run, and so we went by our favorite store in the Eastview Mall and spoke with Brian, who had dazzled me the previous month with a million answers regarding my new Moto Z.  Everything was seamless and we got all of the technical stuff changed without an issue.


The only hiccup is figuring out what phone she should have, so this Mother’s Day she is getting a voucher for her upgraded plan, and we will head back in to Brian to fix all the rest.

Anyone out there still on their Mom’s plan? Make me feel better and tell me you are :) Happy Mother’s Day this weekend, all!

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