8 Things I learned from a Mom of 3 Boys

I’m sitting here in too much silence, drinking coffee that I have not yet “cheers’ed!” with a plastic cup full of orange juice. I haven’t changed a diaper in 24 hours, and I did not read “Mighty Mighty Construction Site” before I went to bed last night. And I really don’t feel quite complete without a rousing game of war with my favorite 5 year old, or playing “excavator” with a rambunctious 3 year old. And I certainly did not get newborn snuggles this morning after getting the other 2 off to school.

This past week I spent with my best friend (and roommate from college) as she and her husband welcomed baby boy #3 to their family. I have watched from afar and listened to stories of “Mom Life” from Rachael for the past several years, but aside from a quick visit last fall, I had no idea what life really looked like in a house full of excitement and boys.  People have asked if this week was a dose of birth control, but I have to admit that after spending 4 days with Rachael and her clan of testosterone, I’m feeling quite the opposite.

For any family of multiple children, and especially for those with multiple boys, here are the 8 things I learned from a Mom of 3 Boys:

  1. Construction vehicles are constantly under foot, and one can never have too many tools. storypartyof5-3
  2. Breakfast time is reserved for those strong of heart, and can only be accomplished with multiple adults.
  3. Look away for 2 seconds, and happy play between brothers can turn into World War 3. And then just like that, best friends again. storypartyof5-2
  4. I SUCK at quick diaper changes. One must be much faster. Oh, and always cover the goods or you can be surprised mid-change….
  5. A middle-of-the-bed-time-book  kiss on the cheek releases more endorphins than a 5 mile run.
  6. Pick and choose your battles.
  7.  Reproductive anatomy is a tricky (and funny) subject….
  8. Time quickly flies, and little boys become young men. One can never kiss or hug or love on little ones too much. storypartyof5-4

I’m obsessed with the little ones in my life, and Rachael’s babies and my nephews have stolen my entire heart. I’m not ready for motherhood, but I’ll learn all I can and love on the babies in my life and never take a minute for granted.

Happy Friday, all.

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    1. Beautifully said. you captured this beautiful family in words and in photos. I have know both Rachel and Michael since they were both little.

      1. Oh Donna, thank you for your note! I love them dearly, such a wonderful family. Thanks for reading!! – Al

      1. :) Love and miss you more!!! xoxo

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