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10 Things We Can’t Wait To Do This Spring

It seems our life has turned into one long move. We have yet to truly settle into life on the farm, and now that my Mom’s house is nearing completion and my brother and his wife are moving out, we are just weeks away from calling Fox Cross Farm our own.

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the moving tunnel, but there are 10 Things We Can’t Wait to do this Spring:

1 – BUY THE HOUSE. Seriously. This cannot come soon enough.


2 – LANDSCAPE. And then landscape some more. Apartment living and I never went hand in hand, and now that the farm will be ours, she needs some serious TLC to get back to shape.


3 – NIAGARA FOOD AND WINE EXPO – This one is a HUGE thing for us, as we will be featured on the stage at the expo working with The Chef and the Dish!! More details to come tomorrow…

4 – PATIO SEASON. Bring on the warm weather, WNY, because our Virginia and DC friends are already sipping cocktails on the patio. We are huge fans of dining and imbibing al fresco, and we need a little more sun before that is enjoyable.

5 – WHITE WINE AND ROSÉ SEASON – We’ve definitely had our share of big red wines this winter, but now that spring is here, we can’t wait to open a bottle of dry rosé or a lovely chardonnay in the evening after a long day on the farm.


6 – SPRING SPORTS – We don’t care if it is High School track and field or the Buffalo Bisons, it’s time to get back outside and enjoy sporting events in the area. Not only that, but I think we need to loosen up our own mitts and get a few good hours in of playing catch.

7- BIKE, HIKE, and RUN – Admittedly, I’ve packed on the winter pounds and I’ve had enough of my sloth-like behavior. I do a great impression of a bear in hiberation, and now I am itching to get back into shape. You’ll find me running the canal this spring, biking to the lake, or hiking the trails around WNY.

8 – RIDE HORSES – We have some pretty significant news on this front, but we will wait to share that until this weekend. Scott and I have been taking care of theses horses all winter long, and now that it is spring, I can’t wait to jump back in the saddle. It’s been A LONG TIME since I was on my horse, far too long.


9- POOL WEATHER – With the house comes a pool, one of my favorite places to be on the farm for the last 3 decades. Not only that, but I just received my incredible Avocado float, and I’m DYING to use it!!!

10 – COOK/GARDEN – Scott and I have always loved to play and flirt in the kitchen while making dinner, but the last 9 months we have taken a back seat to cooking while my mother remained Queen of the Kitchen. We have planned to put in a pretty stellar garden of our own, and reap the benefits and get back to our own cooking shenanigans.

So, what are you looking forward to? And yes, you can absolutely come and hang with my avocado float and me by the pool ;)

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