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Just What the Doctor Ordered

I have but a few brief moments before students appear at my door, but in the quiet moments before the beautiful chaos that is my day, I felt the need for a reflective and meditative minute when my keys could do the talking.

I have been struggling the past week, fighting the germs and illness that has taken over WNY, and what seems the rest of the country, and I have had little energy to blog and to photograph. If you were to see images of my life over the past few days, it would involve endless streams of tissue, cough drop wrappers strewn all over my bedside table, and an abundance of mugs on the counter depleted of tea.

I am exceedingly bad at being sick. In fact, it is one of the things that I characterize as my biggest flaw. I am a horrible patient, and tend to overexert at every opportunity. I hate going to the doctor, and my only reaction to being ill is to cry. It’s ridiculous.

But Scott deals with me in a way that no one can, except my Mother. He allows me to wallow and cry, and scolds me softly when I attempt to push on without rest. He appears in the middle of the night with a cough drop in hand, feeds me medicine around the clock (and keeps the schedule) and rather than keep his distance in an effort to remain healthy, he tends to pull me closer and hold me tighter.

How in the world did I get so lucky?

So last night I did just what the doctor ordered – got home from school and went straight to bed. Scott curled up too and we watched old episodes of Parenthood and just stayed still. Somewhere in there Mom delivered dinner to our bedroom, and soon after, I fell asleep and had one of the more restful nights I have had in a week.

And with that, the bell – wishing everyone a healthy start to March!

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