For the Love of Medina

One of the many reasons we moved home last fall was the bright future we saw for our hometown. While change might not be coming fast enough for some, take it from someone who left and came back, Medina is a place worth noticing.

We understand, Medina doesn’t have everything. And while there have been several reasons to get excited, we’re not immune to disappointment. While some of the burden falls on decision-makers and business owners, it also falls on each of us to support local events and establishments when possible.


As we look ahead to the weekend (that will start with a trip to 810 Meadworks) we wanted to share several of the recent stories involving Medina, NY:

As part of several articles by Samantha, she felt it necessary to share why she thinks Medina is the Most Criminally Overlooked Town Near Buffalo and Why You Need To Visit.

Hart House Hotel

Merry Christmas, Darling –  In The Buff wrote about her romantic getaway outside of Buffalo. “I said it once (over on Instagram) and I’ll say it again…We see you, Medina!”


Ok, Medina. You Win. These were our observations the weekend Fitzgibbons opened on Main Street.


Looking for a getaway with a group of friends? That’s exactly what the Buffalo Moms did for their Galentine’s Day. Here’s a look at Moms’ Night in Medina.


Here’s another look of the same Galentine’s Day getaway on Life by the Gills.

While you might not agree that Medina is ‘in the middle of nowhere’, for many it is. Let’s be honest, who cares. We know what we have, and with articles like this more will see it too. The Restaurant In The Middle Of Nowhere That’s So Worth The Drive From Buffalo, showcases a dining experience at Zambistro on Main Street.


If you haven’t visited lately, you might want to take a stroll down Main Street. Slip into one of the many shops and let us know what you find.

The only way we are going to keep growing, Medina, is if we continue to support those whose doors are already open.

Happy Friday!


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