Guess What Scott Wanted for Christmas…

Ever since we got home, my guy has been living the dream, playing with his nephews. And now that Noah has arrived, he is feeling doubly blessed and has a bit of baby fever.

However, he’s not getting that for Christmas. It just doesn’t happen that way. So when I asked him what he wanted, we went from baby to fashion (interesting how that happened…)

Jord Watch

About a month ago, Scott found a wood watch online (for $12, mind you) and he called it the “wood watch alternative”, as he would never spend money on himself like that. So when I got my hands on the super trendy Jord Wood Watch, I earned MAJOR points. Needless to say, I haven’t seen the alternative since.

jord watch

He loves to be a little more fun in his sense of style, so the emerald Frankie style is perfect. He has had it for 3 days, and refuses to wear anything else. I have convinced him it isn’t barn appropriate, so the only time you see it off his wrist is while we are doing evening chores. But otherwise, he has his sleeves rolled up and flashing that emerald in my face.

Jord Watch Jord Watch

Jord Watch Jord Watch

Hey Scott – did you check out how hot the women’s watches are? Just sayin.

So here is the good news – find a watch, and use this code for an instant $25 off your purchase. Or, if you are a friend, we might even be able to hook you up with a $50 gift card ;)  Let’s talk. But first, go look at these gorgeous little things and pick out the one you’d love under the tree this year:

Shopping for a great guy? Check out the men’s shop.
Finding the perfect gift for her? Check out the women’s shop. I already did…

So, which one did you pick? Happy Holidays all, and we sincerely hope you are further along on your shopping than we are…

Luxury Wooden Watch

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