"Cherry Blossom" Photo Credit Jennifer Kahn Barlow

2 Artists Worth Knowing: Jennifer Kahn Barlow and Beth Kennedy

The power of the Internet never ceases to amaze me, and I am sure we have all stumbled upon people and places as we click from one page to another that we immediately pause, make note, and follow along thereafter.

Hence, I am thrilled to introduce to you two women, both artists, who work in vastly different mediums.

About 8 months ago, Jennifer Kahn Barlow reached out to us about a project she was doing in DC. As a local niche food artist, she was invited to have a solo exhibition at the Strathmore Mansion in Rockville, Maryland. Though her paintings could undoubtedly stand on their own, she was looking to collaborate with food bloggers in DC to couple with the pieces. Having followed on Instagram, she knew I was crazy about guacamole, and asked if I would write a blurb for the piece she created of Rosa Mexicano/avocados and margaritas overlooking the Portrait Gallery in DC.


Um…. YES. Times 100.

Our plan was to see all her completed work on display at the Strathmore when we went to DC last weekend, but because our trip was cancelled, we won’t make it in time for her show’s closing. That’s why we encourage you to head to Strathmore yourself to see her paintings, and to read what we had to say about DC’s food scene, along with several other food writers in the city. We were honored to be chosen to be among such a talented and notable group, and consider this one of the more incredible opportunities we have had because of In a DC Minute. Jennifer Kahn Barlow’s show ends December 31st, so be sure to get there soon: Perspectives: Jennifer Kahn Barlow – Capital Palette.


The other artist we feel excited to share with you works in leather, not oils. I stumbled on Beth Kennedy’s Instagram account the other day as she shared excitement over her brand new project. This is her story:

“My dad has owned a leather shop for over 40 years, and it’s the shop I grew up in. I always was making different belts, purses, etc, for myself. Three years ago, my dad made me a laptop case that I fell in love with, and I was amazing at how it really improves with time and wear.”

With that, Beth has decided to take the project to a new level and provide the same amazing quality for others. She has started a Kickstarter Campaign, and there you can read more about the fabulous product. Check out that site here. 


Part of this blog’s purpose is to help showcase the incredible work people in the community are doing, what talent they have, and their contributions as artisans and small business owners. The holiday season really does have an impact on this community of creatives, and we hope you take the time to celebrate and support those who are contributing in your community.


Featured Image: “Cherry Blossom” by Jennifer Kahn Barlow

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