On the Road Again: DC, Here We Come!

I woke up this morning – errr, let me amend that: I barely slept last night knowing that today would find us on the road again to our beloved DC. It’s only been a little over a month, but this transition was harder than I thought and the missing has been real. VERY real.

I grew up a country mouse. I played in the barn, wandered around my woods, and thought old Fair t-shirts were fashionable when combined with a pair of overalls. However there was always a part of me that wondered what life was like in a bustling city. And after I took my first trip to NYC in 9th grade, I fell in love.

055I never did get to live in NYC, but when life swept me to Istanbul and I felt for the first time what city living was like, I was hooked. The food, the culture, the people – and yes, the traffic, the noise, the congestion – but it all worked simultaneously to create a tapestry of excitement that I had been missing on my farm.

IMG_2353 2

DC wasn’t my first choice, and when I found myself needing a bit of city life after my return to the states, it was Scott who gave me the reason to move to the area. It took awhile for the expansive city-scape to grow on me, but by the 2nd year the streets of DC and Old Town were as familiar to me as any before, and Scott and I immersed ourselves in city life.

Photo: Joffoto
Photo: Joffoto
Photo: Joffoto


I write this in bed, at 7:30 in the morning, with a cup of coffee and looking out the window to fields of green where hints of autumn have crept. The air is chilly, the light is amber, and the silence of this old farmhouse alludes a certain peace. Undeniably, this move was the right one and the reasons were sound. Ivan is curled up, sound asleep, as there are no horns and sirens to stir him as he dreams.

But deep down, DC and Alexandria will always have a large piece of my heart. And every time the opportunity knocks to steal away, I will return with unparalleled joy for a date in my city. Time to kiss my pup and hit the road for a night in Washington, DC.

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