24 Hours in Atlanta

From the time I fell in love in 6th grade with Gone With the Wind, I have desperately wanted to visit Atlanta. When the opportunity came a’knockin, Scott and I took flight for a brief but lovely 24 hours in Atlanta, GA.

For those of you who followed our adventures on Instagram, I’m sure you saw our stories on the photo shoot (head over there for some perfectly good blackmail material on Scott….) we were a part of for Scott’s work. We were, in fact, characters for the print ad his company is running, and so we got to play our version of Clark Kent and Lois Lane – much harder than you’d think. All in all, I have a new appreciation for models and actors, and also feel better about myself knowing how much goes in to getting the perfect shot….

Though the bulk of our 24 hour visit was for the shoot, we did visit a few local restaurants and Scott made sure to take me to the iconic PittyPat’s Porch so I could pay tribute to my favorite novel. We had the most delectable Fried Green Tomatoes (maybe the best ever??) and washed it down with a Scarlett’s Peach Lemonade (after my alter ego, of course) and Scott enjoyed the Ankle Breaker. I love that the walls are adorned with sketches from the film, and I couldn’t help but pose with my favorite characters in all of literature.

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Our other meal was had at the super trendy Krog Street Market, and of course I made it my duty to sample the guacamole at Superica. Fresh, flavorful, but clearly not enough. :)  The meal was great, the O.G. margaritas were tasty, and we left satiated and sad we didn’t have time to explore and sample more of that area.


A couple take-aways from our trip:

  • Our UBER drivers were incredible, and so passionate about the city in which they live. I swear they are making money for Visit Atlanta or some other tourism board of Georgia. Well done, guys.
  • Just like DC, the neighborhoods are so eclectic and different that you could get lost exploring Atlanta. I can’t wait to return and spend more than just 24 hours in that city.
  • Southern hospitality:  from the hotel staff to the hostess at the restaurants, Atlanta is the most warm and congenial place to visit.

And on our way back home to WNY, we had a quick 20 minute layover in DC. I pressed my nose to the window in an effort to make out the Washington Monument, the Capitol, and of course our Alexandria Masonic Temple, and hot tears stung the moment they came into view. I am so blessed to be writing this post from my bucolic life in the country, but my heart aches for the city we used to call “home”.  I wandered the airport getting emotional at each sign of the city, and am thankful that we will be traveling to DC for a night or two next week.


Now it’s time to continue settling into our finished master bedroom: details to come soon!

Happy Wednesday, all.

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    1. Not to be negative … but dude, i friggin’ HATE Atlanta. Lol! :) Seriously. OH the traffic. OH OH OH. Which is unfortunate because so many fun things happen there! You should try Charlotte :)

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