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Family Date: The New York State Fair, Syracuse NY

To say that my family has a strong connection to the New York State Fair would be an understatement. Since the early 1990s, my family and I would spend each summer looking forward to Fair season. First and foremost for our beloved Orleans County Fair, but then after we started showing horses, our summers were spent practicing on horseback in the hopes of qualifying for State Fair – the mecca of all 4-H Fair Youth.

I remember fondly the stables were we made our home-base, and the escapades after the show when we were allowed to venture onto the streets of the Fair. Blooming onions, the milk bar, the butter sculpture, and spending countless hours watching the horses compete in the Coliseum are among some of my favorite childhood memories. My family has not been back to the Fair since 2005, and we felt it was about time we spent the day together at the Great New York State Fair. Yesterday on our way back from the Adirondacks, we paid a long overdue visit…


Blooming Onion!
My sister Adrienne and her better half, Evan.
My brother Chris and his better half and wife, Mandy.



So many things have changed, but one thing remains the same: no matter how old I grow, I will return every August to Syracuse with my family to once again watch the horses and enjoy a beautiful, summer day at the great New York State Fair.

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    1. Alix – I found your blog when you posted in the Buffalo Bloggers Facebook group. I’ve read a few of your posts already and look forward to more! I’ve been in Buffalo for three years now, but before moving here I lived in DC for seven years (two of those years in Old Town Alexandria). Looks like we have some stuff in common…hope to get to meet you in person one day!

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