So…you’re moving to a FARM?

Of all the questions we have received about our move, one of the most frequent we hear is in regards to this so-called “farm”.

View More: The farm is not, in essence, a true working farm. It’s the most idyllic piece of property in the entire world, though. I was brought home from the hospital to that glorious 24 acre lot, and my mother still resides in that beautiful Greek Revival style farmhouse. There are large fields, woods, a pond, and acres of barn and pasture for our 4 horses (and 2 goats). It has a pool, a playhouse, and loads of potential.

IMG_4504It is my heartbeat, my Tara.

Growing up, I spent long days playing in the woods, down the lane, and in the hayloft. I built forts, picked pears from our pear orchard, and rode my horses on every piece of that land. I would fish in the pond during the summer, and sled down the hill in the back every winter.

055When I became an adult, I decided to seek comfort from my farm every summer when I finished in my classroom in June. I would travel home and listen to cicada and watch fireflies in the evening.  During the day, I would reclaim the overgrowth around the house and repaint rooms inside. My mom and I would watch classic Cary Grant movies at night and share coffee on the porch in the morning. 

When Scott and I contemplated moving back to the area to be closer to our families, we discovered that my mother was more than happy to downgrade her living quarters if we would were ever interested in taking over the responsibilities of the house and property, as she had had her fill.  We thought it over together, and decided a life on those 24 acres would be a dream come true.

IMG_4505 IMG_4503So what is in store for the farm?? For now, we will continue to tame the growth and reclaim the land that has been left to its own devices for a decade. We will plant a magnificent garden, I will get to ride my horses every day, and we will set to work updating the house and grounds. I get to teach Scott how to drive a tractor and how to tend to the horse barn. Someday, we hope to plant grapes for a small boutique winery, or maybe even turn it into something of a hobby farm.  The day we buy that property officially will be one of the happiest days of my life.

IMG_4502So though we plan to travel all over the country, visit DC often, explore New York in a way we never have, find fabulous restaurants and things to do all over Western New York, we will always return to that place and be thrilled to call it home.

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      1. We are bummed to leave our dear friends here in DC – you and Troy have meant so much to us and we value our time together.However, great friendships stand time and distance, and so we know we will see much of you in the future. And in the meantime, we’ll always have Cancun!! :) 3 months and counting!

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