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The one you’ve been waiting for! All the details…

This post is ten thousand times harder to write than any other. Where to start? What to say? We flipped a coin on who had to write it. I lost. (Missed the reveal? Check that video out here!)

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So, yes, we are moving to New York. But not the city – back to our small town of Medina in Western New York. It’s situated perfectly between Rochester and Buffalo, right on the historic Erie Canal and a few minutes from the shore of Lake Ontario. Bring on the lake effect snow!

Why the move?

I’m sure everyone can appreciate the desire to spend time with parents and family as you get older. Scott and I both grew up in Medina (yes, that infamous 6th grade note in English class sealed our fate) and that means that both families are growing and living just minutes apart. However….

What about your life in DC?

Scott is keeping his job here in the DMV! He has been approved to work remotely from NY, but when we struggled with leaving our past here, it was heartbreaking and we weren’t ready to cut ties to an area that defines us in so many ways. In keeping his role here, we will be traveling frequently to DC, but now we get to enjoy it from a different perspective. Where to eat when we come back? Where to stay? What to visit? It’s exciting to feel like we will still be so involved in life here, and that leads us to….

Are you keeping the blog? What happens to In a DC Minute if you aren’t in DC?

Epic fail on our part when we titled it “DC” minute.  However, the idea was never about strictly DC, it was more of a standard or ideal we set as a new couple. The blog to us is a way of keeping current, forcing ourselves out of a comfort zone, meeting new people, exploring new places, and ALWAYS “dating” each other. We have been together for almost 4 years now, and in many previous relationships we both would have found ourselves on the couch most nights of the week. Because of this blog, we have found a million ways to stay active in the area, and with each other. We have decided to keep “In a DC Minute” the name (for now) as we begin to explore what life looks like straddling both areas, and extend that excitement and that concept to wherever we are.

Yo, Al, what about work??

The most upsetting thing about the move is leaving my classroom. I’m in LOVE with my job. In LOVE with my students. And so IN LOVE with being a teacher. However, after a decade in the classroom and exhaustion that they never taught me about in my education at Syracuse, I am looking at this move as a way to rediscover who I am when I am not teacher/mentor/counselor/mother/advocate/friend.  I will be focusing 100% now on growing this space, writing and photography, and hopefully soon another huge project in Western New York. Scott and I have been throwing around a few business plans and are excited to share those details soon….

What can we expect to read here now that you are moving?

Now that I will be away from teaching, I’ll be able to accompany Scott on most of his travel trips for work, which is a major development as far as exploring the country goes and satisfying my wanderlust. We will be writing about the blossoming foodie scene in Western New York, and hope to explore our new area to the fullest. We will be writing about all things DC as well, and are planning to take on a few writers to attend media events and dinners on our behalf here in the area. (Interested? Let us know!) Also, about that house…

Where will you live?

In the first few months, we will be living in my childhood home with my Mom on the farm that I spend every summer, and I’m sure you’ve read about in the past. However, as it is a HUGE property, we plan to play with it a bit and eventually purchase the home –  a dream come true for us. So, expect lots of DIY/renovation posts in the future when we become full time homeowners.

So, long story short:

We are keeping the blog, expanding it to spend time in both areas, and can’t wait to add travel, family, wedding, eating, drinking, etc. to the scene here. Our layout will change a bit so you can find what you are looking for in both areas, and we sincerely appreciate your readership and support for the past 2.5 years here on the blog. We are thrilled to track all the comedy and complications that arise from a huge lifestyle change (yes, Scott asked me if he could milk a horse – when I said no, he assured me that you can “milk anything with nipples…) and we hope that you will stick around for awhile. We LOVE DC and our home here in Alexandria, and won’t be forgetting what a magical place this is.

We’ll be adding lots of snippets on SNAPCHAT (this is new for us, follow dcminute!)  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and of course, here on the blog.

Questions?? Fire away. We are going to do our very first VIDEO BLOG to answer them all!


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    1. Welcome home! I’m so happy for you both. It will be nice to run into you more often. I can’t wait to read about all your upcoming travels! Enjoy life to the fullest.

      1. You are so sweet!! So excited to get back to New York and we are thrilled to be able to explore all of the new things happening back home. :) Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

    1. So sad to see you guys going!! I am, however, happy that I have your new site to look forward to, cannot wait to explore this part of NY;-) Miss you guys already, don’t be strangers and best wishes on your new and exciting chapter!!! Johnna

      1. Johnna, you have been so genuinely kind and supportive of us. We will miss you dearly, but hope to keep in touch when we venture back to DC. And remember, you always have a place to stay in Western New York!! Hope to see you before we leave!

    1. Well I for one, couldn’t be happier for you! Your mom has to be over the moon about this move. Scott’s parents too. My daughter and her family live in Henderson, NV and just left after a month with us but it’s not the same as being “home”.
      So because my classroom is where it all started for you two, I want to wish you all that is wonderful in the days to come. You are “meant” to be together and I know you will build exciting and interesting adventures as a couple!😘 Mrs. T

      1. You are so sweet to write, thank you!! Coming home after so many years away is surreal, and we hope to take full advantage of all the places to see, things to do, and build relationships with the incredible people that make up the fabric of our community. You are right – our families are over the moon :) We hope to see you in the near future!!

    1. A friend has a brewery in town that makes old-fashioned alcohol from honey – called “mead”. It’s in Medina. stop by.
      Don’t forget, when a couple was married in the middle ages, they spent a lunar month with all the mead they could drink “a lunar month drinking alcohol made from honey” Lunar = moon. Mead = honjey.
      A Honey moon.
      Recelebrate your marriage with some mead from 810 mead works.

      1. Hi Eric, we LOVE Meadworks! Bryan is one of our favorite local business owners. We adore the wine trail, and are so excited that Medina has a meadery :) Thanks for writing, and good tip on the Honey moon!! :)

    1. Congrats you guys! I had an idea it might be something like that based on the book titles and the video was adorable. It sounds like such an exciting adventure and great opportunity for more travel and still some good DC action. Hope to see you around a few times before you leave!

      1. You called it, girl. And Scott did his best to conceal :) We absolutely need to see you two before we depart, we will be sending you some dates to save soon… ;) xoxo

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