Holiday Favorites: Christmas Movies

It’s officially December and that means Al can get away with watching Christmas movies every night.  Well, that’s not exactly true. She’s been watching them since the beginning of November.  But now I can get behind every title she suggests, though we are saving a few of our favorites toward the end of the month.

Watching our favorite Christmas movies is a huge part of our holiday season. Our favorites range from more serious classics to some you may not be as familiar with. Some of the cartoons made the list, while others are ones that we skip over each year.

In no specific order, here are our favorite holiday movies (obviously we think they are the best too):

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

2. Love Actually

3. The Santa Clause

4. Elf

5. Christmas Story

6. Home Alone

7. The Bishop’s Wife

8. The Life and Adventures of Santa Clause

9. How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas

10. The Muppet Christmas Carol

11. Emmit the Otter’s Jugband Christmas (Al made me put that on…)

12.  Charlie Brown’s Christmas


What makes your list of favorites? Do you have any that you don’t like?

Happy Watching!


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    1. While the Grinch is my favorite, I’ve always been partial to the Natalie Wood version of Miracle on 44th Street.

    1. Great list we also love Christmas Story, Home Alone, How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I love this time of the year.

    1. Alix and Scott,

      Favorite Christmas movie and favortie of the “Vacation” series. Also had the best rant of any movie ever.

      Clark: Hey! If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

    1. Such a great list! My husband and I love watching Elf! He’s never seen It’s a Wonderful Life, so that’s a definite must this Christmas! We also really enjoy watching White Christmas with his family

      1. He’s never seen It’s A Wonderful Life?!?!?! That’s a must! I won’t admit to how many times we’ve seen Elf this season.

    1. true story: we’ve watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” 3 times already since Friday. To say Millie likes it is an understatement. I love Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life for me. oh, I so need to let her watch a Muppet’s Christmas with her. hmm.. off to go find it.

      1. Charlie Brown is on TV soon and we’ll definitely be catching it then.

    1. Add ‘Four Christmases’ to the list – seriously, it’s in my top 5 – hysterical! SO funny

      1. Very good movie! We could’ve added this one to the list since we’ve seen it a couple times in the last month.

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