Happy 1st Anniversary, DC Minute!

Last year on this day, I sat down to write the very first post on this blog (read the First Minute here). Scott and I had talked for many months about a joint project, and we both felt the urgency of experiencing the city fully.  We talked about names, topics, date nights – and finally, In a DC Minute was born.

This week we are devoting our posts to recognizing the best of the past year – from our favorite restaurants to our favorite sights in the city. Our best posts and our favorite milestones.  We grew exponentially as a couple because of this blog, and our conversations were deeper and more meaningful as a result.


Can’t wait to see what the next year brings  – though we know it will be undoubtedly a great one.

Happy Blogiversary, In a DC Minute!


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    1. Happy 1 year Anniversary, love following y’alls journey and I’ve always loved what y’all named the blog!!!

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