• medinafall-1

    Our Guide To Mastering Autumn In Western New York

    While the start of fall brings us a lot of excitement, it also is very challenging. This fall represents the first one with Alix back in the classroom and us officially…

  • IMG_2104

    Are you ready for some “Fantasy” Football?

    Those who know me well know that I love all things fall. There is nothing better than the weather, the clothing, the drinks/food, pumpkin-pumpkin-pumpkin, and the return of football season.…

  • Union Street-5

    Football is Back: Where We Watch

    Among the many reasons I love fall is the return of football. Our fantasy football drafts are complete, new team t-shirts have arrived, and now the only thing left is…

  • IMG_0532_zps042bb170

    SU vs. Maryland Football Game

    We’ve mentioned a few times that I attended Syracuse University for my undergrad as well as my Master’s degree, and Scott graduated a few miles north at what must be…

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