News Around Town

News Around Town: Openings and Recaps

New brunches are starting, restaurants are opening, and patios are being packed full – a clear sign that summer is here. Along with those normal occurrences, events are happening all around the Washington, DC area. Two things we wanted to make sure you were aware of was a Bethesda, MD restaurant opening and an opportunity…

  • Burger, Tap & Shake Opens Today!

    Burgers are coming to Tenleytown! Today, Tenleytown welcomes the second location of Passion Food Hospitality’s Burger, Tap & Shake. From the same restaurant group that’s brought the area DC Coast…

  • BRGR Bash

    DC BRGR Bash is Back this Saturday!

    16 restaurants, 4 breweries, and 5 bands are all coming together this Saturday, July 18th (12-6pm) for the 2015 DC BRGR Bash at Arlington’s Gateway Park. Thanks to the success…

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    News Around Town: Can’t Miss Events

    Living in an area such as DC it’s not uncommon to hear someone or some place screaming about “can’t miss events”. It’s our turn this time, because we’ve got a…

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