Friday Minutes: In Like a Lion…

Oh heyyyyyy there……Welcome March (a week and a half late!!) Haven’t done a Friday Minutes in a while, but thanks to the Great WNY Wind Storm of 2017, this girl is off from school again today! Sadly, lifestyle blogs tend to reflect how busy the lifestyle is at any given moment, and therefore I just haven’t been able to get around the web to check out my favorite blogs. Thank you, Mother Nature, for giving me a couple days off to collect my thoughts and do some reading! Wish we could include all of our friends, but here is what stuck out this week:

****WNY ****

A few months ago, our Buffalo staycation found us at the Darwin Martin House  and we fell head over heels with the architecture. But Jessica from Tracing Paper was able to get a few shots from inside, so go whet your design appetite with her photos!

Our dear friend Ashley from Morning Glory Blog is posting from the heart these days, and all of her recent work really hearkens to her love of everything nautical. Go check out her blog to see the recent facelift she gave it, as well as her beautiful portfolio!

Buffalo Eats is busy rebranding as well, but that hasn’t stopped their effort to compile a 2017 Chicken Wing Tournament of Champions! Now we have a working list for Wing Date Nights :) Is your favorite wing winning??

We are hitting the Niagara Wine Trail tomorrow, and our favorite wineries appear on this great list by our friend the Nittany Epicurean on Step Out Buffalo. 

Speaking of the Nittany Epicurean, we love his series “One Dish”, and this week he looks at the croissant at Elm Street Bakery.

We are proud to live in an area that welcomes refugees. If you feel so inclined, visit Rise Collaborative’s website and share these images across your social media channels to spread the love.

We love that bloggers in this area are so willing to spotlight fellow writers and creatives, and this new interview on Nickel City Pretty with Caralyn Mirand is exactly that.

I might never be able to pull off leather pants, but Lucy of Write. Style. Travel. can! Check out her cozy look which will get you through the next few days of brutal cold in Buffalo.


Though we love Barnette unconditionally (and will read him forever and ever) we think it’s awesome that he continues to evolve with his blog, The DC Fashion Fool. We loved his post, An Influencer’s Thoughts: Why I Blog, and can’t get enough of the honest approach!

We live vicariously through Kacy of Bad Sentences, and after her recent move to the Petworth neighborhood in DC, we love following along as she finds new haunts to call her own. Check out what she has to say about Ruta del Vino!

Oh hey, Visit Alexandria, we plan on doing just that!! Scott and I are returning to DC just in time for Cherry Blossom weather, and we are pleased to see their new post on How to See the Blossoms from Alexandria. Ok, twist our arm ;)

Lori of Been There, Eaten That made the trek all the way from Maryland out to Northern Virginia to check out Alta Strada Mosaic. And Lori, you never need an excuse to start the meal with a cocktail ;)

If drinking a smoothie that tastes like a Thin Mint cookie gets your excited, check out the recipe on Lauren’s blog, DC Girl in Pearls. And yes, I need a smoothie now.


Still compiling our list of must reads for our work in progress Blog Roll – leave us a comment to make sure you get a spot!

Happy Weekend, all!!


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