Image via Orleans Hub, credit to Nichole Brandie

Surviving the Great WNY Wind Storm of 2017

(Image via Orleans Hub, credit to Nichole Brandie)

When we moved to Western New York, we were positive we were in for a winter of real snow and a few blizzards. However, that’s not the weather event we will be talking about years from now. Rather, it will be about the Great WNY Wind Storm of 2017.

As I type, Scott and I are comfortably situated at the back of the Shirt Factory Cafe in Medina bumming wi-fi while we eat lunch and sip our tea.


Yesterday afternoon, my Seniors and I watched from the classroom while one of the stop signs in the parking lot was completely uprooted – we lost power (and my lesson, consequently) temporarily, and the students who walk were forbidden to leave school property unless it was on a bus or in a car.

I drove home, cautiously, passing unearthed trees, downed power lines, and fearful of flying debris coming through my windshield. My biggest fear was pulling into the driveway and driving beneath the great tree that has long since reached its expiration. After a storm like this, Scott and I plan on doing what we know has to be done and taking it down this summer. It may break my heart, but I’d much rather that than break my house.

While much of Medina is still without power, the farm lucked out and has only lost Internet and Cable (come on, Time Warner!!) though with our wood stove, I’d be happier with a candle and the fire while we binge watch Parenthood.

But I won’t complain, and we are thinking about all those across the area who are waiting impatiently for heat to return to their homes. In Medina, Mayor Michael Sidari has announced that Medina High School will be open as a shelter for those without power, and other warming stations have been announced in the county (check out Orleans Hub for specific locations).

How will we be spending today? As schools are closed, I’ve been catching up on writing posts and editing photos while Scott continues to work. I wanted to walk the area, but it looks like pure wreckage, not to mention after yesterdays’ issues with falling trees and falling rocks, I’d rather just take to my comfy couch and be thankful that our old tree outside didn’t up INSIDE….

We’re wishing everyone a speedy power/internet recovery!!

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