Medina (WNY) Edition: 6 ‘Must-Haves’ for the Super Bowl

I’m beginning to feel like Tim Russert with his unwavering support for the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl. During those 4 seasons, Sunday would begin with Meet the Press and a plea to the football Gods for a win. Last year, we predicted this to be the year, but this time we really mean it: if Tyrod comes back, we can rally behind him, hopefully a revamped defense, and a more productive offense. Smell that? It’s the whiff of February and Buffalo Bills football!


Now that I got that out of the way, it’s Super Bowl Sunday!!! While bars and restaurants will capitalize on the game with extravagant parties, we believe the best place to watch is from our couch. Even better, Alix’s brother and sister-in-law are big Atlanta Falcons fans, so yes, that’s our team. As we prepare for the big game, there are 6 things we need to make our watching party complete in Medina, NY:

  1. While wine might not make sense for the big game, cider does. Visit Leonard Oakes Winery for their Steampunk Cider, or Blackbird Cider Works for their Buffalo Bluegrass – Kentucky Barrel Aged cider.

2. Head to 810 Meadworks for a tasting, and then grab a bottle of Maple Tap for the evening. While the snow could potentially be falling, warming this beverage is an appropriate way to stay warm.


3. There’s one thing dips, soups, and stews all could use – bread! The Bread Basket on Main Street has you covered. We bought some yesterday, so we are stocked and prepared.

4. Ed’s Chicken Fingers!  For those of you who grew up in the area, I imagine you still call them Ed’s as well. Unless you’ve got a home recipe, this is the place. 


5. Personally, I will appreciate watching the Budweiser commercial again this year. However, when it comes to picking a beer- go local. There are several breweries in the area, so instead of supporting the big names try a place like Woodcock Brothers Brewery, Resurgence, or Barker Brewing.


6. Guacamole! Homemade, store bought, or from a restaurant to-go box, all of these options are extraordinary.


And an extra for kicks: go ahead and wear your Buffalo Bills attire. Remember, even if you don’t love Atlanta, we can all join together to root against Tom Brady.


Happy Football!

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    1. I was pouring yesterday at The Bread Basket – I wish I could have introduced myself! I agree wholeheartedly that any Super Bowl party needs bread, cookies and scones, although I may be biased. Go Falcons (or really anyone who isn’t the Pats)!

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