9 Places in WNY to Celebrate with a Drink

Scott and I love our cocktails and wine, it’s true. But what we love more is that our new scene in NY is full of fabulous haunts for craft libations. From Buffalo to Rochester and every little town in between, you can find a beverage that will please your palette. So in honor of today, National Repeal Day (the day that Prohibition was officially repealed in 1933) we are suggesting 9 Places in WNY to celebrate our legal right to imbibe:

Aro Bar de Tapas – Scott’s original claim to fame was his love for quality Gin and Tonics. Enter: Aro Bar de Tapas in Williamsville. In DC, we g&t’d our way through all of the area’s best Spanish restaurants. That is one thing we haven’t had to give up now that we are in WNY. We’ve been to Aro 3 times already, and each time we are blown away by the quality of their cocktails (and food, let’s be honest).  You can’t be disappointed – order any G&T, a cocktail off of their new menu, or their specialty cocktail from the Buffalo Cocktail Classic – the Moniato, my personal fave.


Resurgence Brewing– You’re a craft brew person, you say? Got it. So does Resurgence. Love the trendy vibe this Niagara Street brewery has in Buffalo, NY.  Even though we’re not craft beer experts, Scott and I both have found several in their flights that we love.


Ru’s Pierogi – It might seem that it’s all about Pierogi at Ru’s, but with 12 local beers on tap, it has the perfect bar to celebrate National Repeal Day. But we’d judge you if you didn’t get an order of pierogi. Just saying.

ruspierogi-23 ruspierogi-4

810 Meadworks – Had to throw in our hometown favorite, of course. This spot is transportive – you forget you’re in small town NY when you walk through the doors. There is something on the menu to appeal to every palette, just ask Bryan, the owner. We love him. You know what I also love? Their version of the bloody mary, The Ghost of Mary. But be careful, the fire will sneak up on you with the ghost chili peppers they infuse…



Buffalo Proper – Having now been at the bar 3 times, we can say without hesitation this will continue to be one of our favorite cocktail bars in WNY. Order anything you like, we’ve pretty much had it all. And if you can get a seat talking to bar manager Jon Karel, even better. He delighted us for our first date night back in Buffalo with talk of food, drink, and DC.


The Revelry – We just had date night at The Revelry and it was a fabulous evening in Rochester. The bar program is strong and though my drink was slightly too adventurous for my palette, we applaud the innovation. The unforgettable highlight was the service that night, which was outstanding.

repealday-8Good Luck – Another Rochester favorite, we sat with a few friends who have sampled every cocktail on the menu. You can’t go wrong at Good Luck. Oh, and while you’re sipping, order the burger. Your welcome.


Marble + Rye – Arguably one of the better cocktail programs in Buffalo, we enjoyed a few bourbon libations from their current menu. But if we had to give you a tip: for $5, order the Pickled Onion Rings (swoon, then faint.)


Vera – Just had our first experience last Thursday for Scott’s birthday, and though we’ve only had 2 drinks from the menu, we are eager to get back for more. Moody, trendy, and right in the heart of Elmwood Village.


 and an encore #10….Fox Cross Farm – Shameless plug for our farm – I had to throw this one in for kicks. Guys, Scott’s cocktails are BOMB. Like, I am a lucky, lucky lady to have a budding mixologist in residence. I will be sitting in front of the tree tonight while Scott pours a glass of our favorite wine, or I’ll sample one of his newest creations. I’m talking to him about creating an e-book soon….stay tuned…

fallcocktails-14 fallcocktails-22 fallcocktails-5

So wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate, CHEERS!

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