Date Night: Good Luck, Rochester NY

If we are going for honesty on the blog, here’s one: I honestly don’t know how it took us so long to get to Good Luck in Rochester, NY, for date night. And how it took us so long to hang with friends after moving home?? Another one, no clue.

After we spent the majority of our Saturday tooling around WNY in search of autumn revelry, we took off for Rochester, which is roughly an hour drive. Too far to go on a whim, but close enough that we can’t wait to explore more – especially after such great luck at Good Luck.

Without getting overly foodie: it rocked. Reminded us of our engagement date at Mintwood Place in Adams Morgan, DC. Small plates, modern American, eclectic (yet cozy) ambiance, and delicious. We love dining with friends because it usually = more food to try, and to photograph. I will say that we ate by candlelight, and the photos reflect it.

goodluck-1 goodluck-4

Our favorite thing on the  menu? RED LENTILS. How often do you hear that? Exquisite and savory, an item I hope they never pull from the menu.


Speaking of the menu – it is now Edition 72, which pleases us since we adore when restaurants change it up and get inspired by the tastes of the season. With that being said, we had to try the Squash Four Ways, because, ya know, FALL.


The Good Luck Burger and the White Pizza also graced our table. Let me say that ordering the burger here is no joke – clearly enough to split among 4 people.

goodluck-7 goodluck-6As far as the service – it was delightful, but a bit absent. Our server was sweet and helpful, though it was a long time between plates. Perhaps it had something to do with the amount of guests that night, as it was so loud we could barely have a conversation. Acoustics weren’t great, but the food was. I am still fantasizing about the lentils and am accepting the challenge of trying every cocktail on the list, as one of our friends has over the past few years. Sounds like a challenge I can get behind.

Restaurant Good Luck is as positive as it sounds, as was our experience. Have you been? And tell us this: what dining experience is worth an hour drive away? Give us some recommendations! Cheers!

Good Luck ⋅ 50 Anderson Ave. ⋅Rochester NY 14607


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    1. A lot of places in Rochester are just way too loud. I only go to Grappa if I can eat outside. These places really need to think about that more when designing.

      That said Good Luck has the best ice cream I have ever eaten, and I eat a ton of ice cream. It’s super creamy and I had the ‘hops’ flavor and it was amazing. As weird as it sounds it was so good.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Do you recommend Grappa?
        And we didn’t have the ice cream, but I’ve made a note and will DEFINITELY have it next time. Thanks for the tip!

    1. So glad you made it to Good Luck! The food there is fantastic, but I agree that it’s a little too noisy in there.

      I agree with almost everything on Kelly’s list (I haven’t been to Playhouse, but I’ve heard good things). I would add Cub Room to the list and even Gate House, which is a little more “basic” but always delicious.

      1. These recommendations are fantastic! Thank you!! And nothing is wrong with basic, as long as it’s a great date :) Can’t wait to try all of these out! -Al

    1. Agree with the above list. And have to add TRATA (dinner), Magnolia’s (lunch) and Jines (breakfast).

      1. You know, we have heard of Trata – now it is definitely on the list. Thanks for the other recs too! I hope Miss Ella is doing well, loved seeing her in her little hat on Facebook, too adorable! xo -Al

    1. Good Luck is THE BEST. SO worth the hour drive. I’m craving that burger now, and the lentils…yum (side note- try the fries dipped in the lentils. Mind blowing).

      Some other recs for next time you’re in Rochester:
      The Tap & Mallet (delicious, thoughtful pub food & craft beer)
      The Old Toad (a genuine British pub with genuine British servers)
      The Playhouse/ Swillburger (a little hipster, but a fun arcade experience + great burgers)
      3 Heads Brewing (for the beer)
      Atlas Eats (great for brunch)
      The Village Bakery (also SO GOOD for brunch!)
      And for AMAZING wings, Murph’s Irondequoit Pub. Fantastic burgers too.

      I guess I really like pubs… ;-) Happy exploring!

      1. This is the BEST list! Thank you so much Kelly! I am copying this over now to our WNY Foodie Bucket List – thank you!! If you’re ever up for a drink, lets get together at one of these fab pubs! Cheers!

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