810 Meadworks: Showcasing Mead in WNY

Seeing Bee Vomit on any sort of menu should give you pause. That is unless you are looking over the menu at 810 Meadworks in Medina, NY. Scarlett A, Maple Tap, and Bee Vomit are just some of the flavors being offered at this downtown meadery.

810 Meadworks

Before you rush off to Google, mead is defined as honey-wine. Not only is this another form of wine, but it’s most likely the oldest fermented beverage on record. Fruits, grains, and other spices are incorporated into the process to help give each batch it’s own individual characteristics.


810 Meadworks was welcomed to Downtown Medina in the fall of 2014, locating in the Robert H. Newell & Co building which also houses the Hart House Hotel and Shirt Factory Cafe. Over the holidays, we were able to make a couple trips, including spending New Year’s Eve perched on their bar stools.

810meadworks-8 810meadworks-9

Our new favorite meads? For me, it was Maple Tap all the way. This mead stands on it’s own at room temperature, but when given the option- enjoy this beverage warm. It will serve you well as you’re battling the cold weather in the coming months.


Another favorite of ours is the Sweet Devotion, if the name doesn’t do the trick, the thought of sipping this during a nice spring day should. The black currants in this mead are very reminiscent of a port or other attractive sweeter red wine. Finally, there is the 21 Bean Salute which is the real treat for coffee enthusiasts. From the nose to the last taste there is little doubt of the coffee bean influence in this mead, it’s easily worth the sample.


Al was enamored with their take on a Bloody Mary, which has a fantastic kick of heat from the infusion of ghost chili.


Though not your typical winery, 810 Meadworks is part of the Niagara Wine Trail which stretches across Monroe, Orleans, and Niagara counties. They also represent one of the many Medina businesses to open over the last couple of years helping to re-energize the historic downtown. If you haven’t visited the area recently, it’s time to go back. I can guarantee you’ll walk into the tasting room, look around, and think this isn’t the Medina you’re used to.

810meadworks-1 810meadworks-2

Thanks again to Bryan Degraw and the rest of the team for a couple great holiday experiences.

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    1. […] 810 Meadworks – Had to throw in our hometown favorite, of course. This spot is transportive – you forget you’re in small town NY when you walk through the doors. There is something on the menu to appeal to every palette, just ask Bryan, the owner. We love him. You know what I also love? Their version of the bloody mary, The Ghost of Mary. But be careful, the fire will sneak up on you with the ghost chili peppers they infuse… […]

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