11/11, Make a Wish

We were going to get married today.  Well, that was our thought about 3 months ago when we realized that 11/11 would fall on a Friday.

4 years ago when Scott first appeared in my life, I never paid attention to the omen. But as we started talking late at night on the phone, Scott would interject, “11:11, make a wish” – and thus, our obsession began.

The first time Scott came to visit me in Syracuse, he brought with him a gift – a vintage pocket watch that he permanently set on 11:11 for whenever I was in need of an extra wish. And 4 years later, we make it a point to send a text or shout from a room across the house, MAKE A WISH.

I feel like today, everyone can use a wish. Use it selfishly, or selflessly, whatever you need the most. Tonight, Scott has planned a lovely date night in Rochester at The Revelry, so we will be toasting to another year of wishes coming true.

So good ahead, on 11/11 – what’s your wish??

Happy Weekend, all.

(gorgeous calligraphy in the photo courtesy of Riza at Mominpink– wife of our dear friend and photographer, Joffoto :)


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