Ale in Autumn 2016 in Medina, NY

For years we’ve heard tales of Medina erupting with fall activity, hundreds of people taking to the streets of this small town to experience the first taste of autumn. For years we’ve longed to be a part of it, and this past weekend we finally got our chance.aleinautumn-1 aleinautumn-12

Let me say this: the day could not have been more idyllic. A bit crisp in the early hours, but gave way to an almost too-warm afternoon. The sun was shining, our wardrobe was fall-esque, and the amber hues in the ambient light signaled that autumn had arrived.

The festival was – good. It was lovely to bump into familiar faces all along the route, and to catch up with friends and acquaintances we haven’t seen in over a decade.  Local businesses that decided to participate were smart, as the traffic through the store was ideal for future patronage. Orange balloons signaled those who partook, and we hit almost all of the stops.

aleinautumn-41 aleinautumn-39 aleinautumn-42 aleinautumn-33 aleinautumn-5

However, I’m sad that the “ale” component was not local and barely represented any of the craft beer in New York. We had several Polish beers, which appealed to my heritage, but I wanted to taste local establishments and support local business, which is what this festival is all about. Perhaps collaboration with local breweries could enhance the festival, and that breweries would rise to the occasion to showcase their product. Not only that, it is my hope that in the future that the weekend could grow into outside vendors, sidewalk sales, etc. A few business owners commented on the past behavior of participants, and the walk turned sloppy and those who chose to over-imbibe became problematic. It’s sad when positive events become recipes for disaster, and hopefully brainstorming solutions will result in a better experience for all.

aleinautumn-61 aleinautumn-44 aleinautumn-17

That being said, it was a gorgeous day to walk our hometown together. My sister and brother and their better halves all attended, so it was an excuse to get a few updated family moments.

GQ in Medina? Evan thinks so.
The “better halves”
Together again.
My brother Christopher and his wife, Mandy.
My sister Adrienne and her boyfriend Evan

aleinautumn-54 Now that Ale in Autumn is a wrap, we are excited to be a part of the Olde Tyme Christmas and the Parade of Lights, as well as Wine About Winter. This town has an amazing heartbeat, and we are thrilled to finally be at home to witness it all firsthand.

So, what is on the calendar for October? Where should we go, what should we do? Cheers!

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