Wine Date: Paradise Springs Winery (then, and NOW!)

If you need a good laugh today, do me a favor and click here to see one of the VERY FIRST posts we wrote on the blog. It makes me laugh cringe when I look at those ridiculous photos, and remember how new we were to this whole blog thing. In fact, other than “The First Minute” post that introduced the blog, Paradise Springs was #2.

It seemed only fitting that last Friday we return to the scene of the crime. While we have been back many times over the last few years, it had been too long since our last trip and it was imperative that we grab a few more bottles to take north. So, Scott and I ventured out to Clifton, VA to indulge in a trip down memory lane at Paradise Springs Winery.

paradisesprings-3 paradisesprings

What else can I say? The wine is great (and definitely gotten better over the last few years) and the ambiance is superb. It’s easy to plan an entire day there, but make sure to pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery at one of the picnic tables or spread out on their rolling lawn. Live music plays on Friday, but we were so engrossed in our tasting that by the time we finished (nearly 2 hours later….) we weren’t able to find a seat on the splendid screened-in patio. But from what we have heard, the weekends are so busy that a Friday night tasting is a bit more enjoyable.

paradisesprings-2 paradisesprings-5

After our tasting, we walked away with an embarrassing amount of wine – but there is no shame in our game. We can’t wait to share some of our purchases with wine-loving friends up north, and give them a proper introduction to our much beloved Virginia wine. On our way back home, we stopped at an adorable Italian restaurant, Villagio’s, on Main Street in Clifton. Though night had fallen, we were still able to capture a few quick shots of the amazing flatbread and the vibrant Italian ambiance. Thanks to our pourer at Paradise Springs for the rec!!

villagio villagio-5 villagio-2

I can’t believe it has been almost 3 years since that first Paradise Springs post, and we certainly look like babies back in October ’13. But just like a fine wine, we don’t mind aging so long as we enjoy every “minute” of the ride.

Have you been? What’s your go-to Virginia winery??

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    1. I love Paradise Springs! I love going there and bringing my dog because they have such a huge field she can play aroundin and meet other dogs. Their Cab Franc is great!

      1. Girl, we spent SO long there the other night. It’s just a place you can disappear from the chaos of the real world and just enjoy great wine! And I’m pretty sure we walked away with that Cab Franc :) Thanks for commenting! xo

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