The Secret is OUT!

Of course we had to do something to build even more suspense. And of course we had to use our girl Ingrid Michaelson for the music. Thanks to everyone who has been asking, guessing, and excited to hear what is in store. So without further ado….

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    1. I love the video! Congrats on your move. I swear a handful of DC bloggers are leaving or have already left DC (me included obviously…) Are you still going to keep your blog name?

      1. Thanks so much!! We are keeping the blog name for now, thought we don’t know if that will change in the future. Right now, it’s going with us :) Hope Chicago has given you a very warm welcome!!

    1. Love it. Yay for the home State!! Xoxo miss you Al. Talk soon

      1. Thanks Meredith!! Thanks for always being in my corner, and being so supportive! Miss you too! xoxo

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