Engagement Pictures: Alexandria, VA

So a couple weeks ago, we posted about our hometown farm engagement shoot. However, as we adore our life in Alexandria, we knew we wanted to capture our time in photos down here. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to work with Erin from Erin Tetterton Photography about a month ago on a frigid Sunday morning. The hope was to capture a perfect sunrise over the Potomac, but while the sun didn’t cooperate, it didn’t matter. The photos are a perfect example of the mood of this city – romantic in any light, at any time. And Erin’s talent is evident in every shot…

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The morning was cold, but I’m so thankful to have seen a beautiful sunrise on the Potomac. Erin was delightful, creative, and made the shoot relaxing and easy – not forced. She captured our relationship, in its purest form, with sleepy eyes, fine lines, and hair loss. We are who we are and we will adore these pictures for years to come.

AND HEY VIRGINIA!!! If you or someone you know is engaged – Erin is offering 3 complimentary engagement sessions! All you have to do is head over and follow her on Instagram (erintettertonphotography) and you are entered! In the meantime, get in touch by checking out her website. Thanks Erin for the beautiful reminder of our love for Alexandria and for each other!

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