Winery at Bull Run, Virginia

As one of the closest wineries to Washington, DC, the Winery at Bull Run is quickly becoming another must-stop destination in Virginia. After making a stop at Cox Farm a couple weeks back, a winery just around the corner was a definite detour on our way back home.

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Our favorite wineries offer a combination of good wine and an even better setting to hang out. If the location isn’t welcoming to enjoy a glass after the tasting we normally move out quickly. The Winery at Bull Run goes one step further, having both areas inside and out to relax while getting a taste of history in the process.

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The general tasting fee is $12 for several wines. We tried about 10 varietals and had a very informative host so we were OK paying an amount that we consider a little above average. We enjoyed several of the wines, agreeing that the white wines are a slightly higher caliber than the reds. With that being said, the Petit Verdot really stood out for us. Though it wasn’t on the tasting sheet our host found a bottle for us to taste, and it resulted in us taking one home. Before making our purchase we opted for a glass of wine with some snacks, and the two chairs out on the patio was a perfect way to spend our afternoon. Even with a light mist filling the air, the overhang was plenty of covering to keep us comfortable.

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The overall pricing of wine was a little high for us, but with healthy pouring sizes when you purchase a glass and reasonable prices on food it’s well worth a stop, even if you’re not looking to spend $30 on a bottle. With several Virginia wineries close by, make sure to add the Winery at Bull Run to your list of stops.



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    1. Sounds like a great time. Love some good ole red wine.

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