Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama,

There comes a time in a person’s life when they feel an energy around them -an excitement that is palpable, all consuming. Many people describe that feeling as true love; the love that exists when souls collide for the first time and there is no doubt that fate was at work. However, this feeling is not exclusive to romantic love. It can also be found when the stars recognize a kindred spirit.

That’s how I felt yesterday when I was made aware of your love of guacamole.

While I respect any man who has the mental fortitude and unswerving ambition to lead our country, my respect for you grew to unfathomable depths with the news that you too can’t get enough of the green stuff.

I am this country’s leading Guacamole Fan, as I explain here.

So Mr. President, this is what I hope you will do. I hope you will take on the challenge I now present – a quest I have been on ever since moving to D.C. last year. We live in a great city, and in my search for the best guacamole I have narrowed the list to 3 restaurants whose reputation for excellence in guacamole precedes them. Though I have been waiting to publish a formal post on DC’s best (and also my personal favorite), I wanted to make you aware of these restaurants in the hope that if you have not already sampled the goods, you will. They are Oyamel, El Centro D.F., and Rosa Mexicano.  Though your opinion may not sway mine, I would love to know what you think.

If you feel so inclined, I’d like to make it a double date, and Scott and I promise not to act like fans at a Justin Bieber concert. We can talk about dogs (I had a dog named Bo), education (I teach) and our mutual admiration for the all mighty avocado. And hey – it’ll be my treat.

Mr. President, it is a life-long dream of mine to meet the President of the United States. If that dream could be coupled with sharing a bowl of guacamole, I’d die a happy woman.  Not before asking the restaurant  if I could keep the bowl for posterity’s sake.

Thank you for making your love of guacamole known, and for the sacrifices you make every day.



PS – anyone reading this letter, I hope you will share and make this puppy go viral. I’d love to follow it with the post “Guacamole with the President”.   :)

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