Happy Hour 2 – EPIC RECAP

I’ve been inspired. Rather, I should say we have been inspired. And not because of the places we eat (though WOW) or the places we go (again, WOW) but it all comes down to the people we meet.

We have a major blog redesign coming soon, and part of that design will allow for a page that explains why we breathed life into our little corner of the internet. But it’s all about loving this amazing city we call home and the people who are our neighbors.

Last night was the second happy hour we have organized for anyone in the area who follows us on the blog or through social media. We often joke that since Scott does most (read: most, as I am getting my two cents in every now and then…) of the tweeting while I live here in blogland, I need to know the people behind the twitter handle. It’s our opportunity to connect and to become 3 dimensional instead of living behind 140 characters or a blog post.


Having had our last event at Flat Iron in Old Town, we reached out to Union Street Public House (one of our favorite local brunch spots) to see if they would consider extending their happy hour specials for our friends, as many come from outside the immediate area and getting there by 7 would be difficult. We worked with Dina, who is hands down one of my new favorite people, and not only did she extend the happy hour but she allowed us to congregate in theĀ  Oyster Bar – a fantastic room at the back of the restaurant. There was food, there were drinks, and the room was packed with the dynamic people whom we have met through IDCM.



Just like last time, we failed to take photos aside from a few snapped between meeting new people, so next time we need a resident photographer – got lost in the DC Minute (har, har)…







At one point I looked up from my conversation and scanned the room – putting faces and names together and realizing that Scott and I are so incredibly lucky. The room was full of laughter, conversation, and brilliant and beautiful people we now call friends.

Thank you all for coming last night, and a HUGE shout out to Union Street for making the experience an incredible one!

Looking forward to the next #DCminuteHH :)

-Al and Scott


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