19 Relationship Questions We Are Asked

We love our family and friends beyond belief – we do. But it has occurred to us that once you hit a certain mile marker in life, the inquisition of a relationship increases dramatically. When we go home, our family, friends, and very distant acquaintances inquire after our “status” – which we will reveal at the end of this post.stork-500x500

For now, here is our (only slightly exaggerated) list of things we get asked…

1- “When are you getting married?”

2- “Can I be in your wedding?”

3- “What is your dress going to look like?”

4- “Do you think he’s going to propose on…?”

5- “Have you talked about having children?”

6- “What would the ring look like??”

7- “What would you name a boy, what would you name a girl?”

8- “Have you talked about where you’ll live after getting married?”

9 – “Do you think you’ll move back home?”

10 – “How long will you be in Virginia?”

11 – “Do you two want another dog?”


…and sometimes we don’t get questions – they’re morphed into statements…

12 -“I can’t believe you are already 30. I had kids at that age.”

13 – “Another one of your high school friends just had their 2nd child.”

14 – “We LOVE Scott. He’s a great addition to the family.”

15 – “You two seem perfect together – he puts up with all of your quirks.”

16 – “We ALL love Alix.”

17 – “You know, your grandmother thinks you’ll end up together.”

18 – “We’re not going to put pressure on you….BUT….”

19 – “We thought you’d move in together first before the next step.”



We are very happy – each and every day.

Don’t get us wrong, we love that our family and friends approve and are excited about our relationship. Their support means the world to us. We just can’t help keeping a list of some of the routine questions and comments we’ve heard :)

Has this happened to you?


Scott and Al

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    1. Harry and I get asked all the time, “How long have you two been married? ” Ha!

    1. My husband and I took our relationship very fast. Met in July, engaged in September, married in December. We thought that would shut the families up for a while since we were both getting older and still single. Oh no! They just move onto other questions. It took his mother 16 days after we got married to ask when we will be having children. I tried to be nice while reminding her we are both active duty military and not stationed together so it would be a while. She still asks all the time!

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