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10 Reasons Why Living Together at 30 is Better Than at 20

After almost a month of living together, I can honestly say there are numerous pros to waiting to live with your significant other until age and wisdom are on your side. In no particular order, these are the top 10 reasons why we believe it’s much better at 30 than at 20…

1- The refrigerator is full of more than just a box of leftover pizza and soda. We’ve upped the ante now and live a classier lifestyle.


2- The dishes in the sink don’t spill over onto the counter…most days.

3- We’ve moved on from watching the Real World; we now watch the Bachelor.

4- I can now offer to make cocktails and not fear that I’m going to be caught serving a minor.

5- Date nights include much better food than Applebees and TGIFridays.

IMG_1686 IMG_1728

6- We’ve learned to cook more than just spaghetti, so dinners “in” are actually a positive thing.

IMG_3287 IMG_1616

7- We have a place full of real furniture…oh wait, we’re still working on it, but this futon is awfully nice when you put a large blanket over it.

IMG_3500 IMG_3494

8- Our conversations and relationship are actually based on life experiences and lessons now learned – not what we heard from our friends who’ve been dating since high school.

9- The photos that we have around our place include more than just selfies we both tried to squeeze into.

IMG_3368 IMG_3157IMG_2197

10- We’ve had several years to acquire random stuff that we didn’t even know existed when we were 20 (vacuum, ironing board, mixer) and we actually use them!!
 photo IMG_2770_zps332e098e.jpg

So maybe we don’t live a classier lifestyle, but we certainly are much happier!



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    1. Love this!!! Al- I think you’ve found your perfect match for sure xoxo
      Scott – I’m so glad you keep a big smile on that wonderful friend of mines face. Love that y’all found each other.

    1. nice to see you both so happy! It only gets better!

      1. Thank you! Honestly, seeing how happy you and your family, you are evidence that it just keeps getting better :)

    1. What’s wrong with spaghetti and Applebees?

      1. Absolutely nothing! (says the woman who will make guacamole for dinner 5 nights a week…) :)
        You know, we’re 30 – we have to make it seem ok somehow!
        Hope all is well!

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