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Now that Scott and I have been dating over a year (and January is full of little “anniversary” moments that we like to celebrate along the way – ie., first bowl of guac together, etc.) and spend more time together than apart, we think its safe to assume that by March 1st when both of our leases expire, we won’t be finding two separate apartments.


For me, this move is a huge one. Not only does Scott have to take me for good, bad, and ugly now on a permanent basis, but Ivan and Miah and their never-ending undercoat comes with me. And for a man with dog allergies, this is no easy feat.

Either way, we are in the process of looking for a townhouse right now. Because of the kiddos, we need a fenced in yard so I can cease this relentless march in the rain and mud everytime they want to go out. Scott can tell you I come back a very different woman on those walks, soaked to the bone with unbridled hatred at the elements. I would very much like to go back to looking out at them as they hang out in the sun and play in a fully enclosed space, which is not easy to find here in Northern Virginia. Well, its easy – but finding it at the right price is not.

Additionally, those dog allergies need to be kept at bay by a fully functional washer/dryer. I’ve been working with an exorbitantly overpriced coin machine in my current apartment, and lord knows when you need quarters you can never find them. I love to do laundry (see, Scott wins in some regard) and so every place we check out online has to have one included.

Other than that – we’re easy. We’d love to be closer to Old Town and the places we like to frequent within walking distance – but again, that comes at a price. We’ve found a few places and will be looking this week and next, and so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that something turns out.

Either way, in a little over a month, Scott is going to have to deal with 3 crazies on an everyday basis. Here’s hoping he survives…


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    1. WHY did I not know about this blog lady!!! SO glad to have found it though! Missed you. LOVE the photos!!

    1. Love this :) love love love! And those sweet puppies, I swear – allergies or no, I bet Scott can’t resist them!

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