Ode to the (LOST) Date Night

  Where are the date nights of our past? Ay, Where are they?     Think not of them, thou hast thy farm and goats —  While friends of old are playing in the city of yesterday,     And touch the white-clothed table, champagne bubbles afloat                           …

  • datenightdisaster-1

    Date Night Disaster.

    I’m being dramatic. But that’s what our first “Date Night In” felt like on Friday. When we lived in Virginia, we waxed poetic about the cozy nights we would have…

  • GeorgeBailey

    5 Affordable Holiday Date Ideas

    The holiday is here and all of our wallets are feeling the effects of the season. Just because dating can put further strain on your available funds, doesn’t mean there…

  • IMG_2104

    Are you ready for some “Fantasy” Football?

    Those who know me well know that I love all things fall. There is nothing better than the weather, the clothing, the drinks/food, pumpkin-pumpkin-pumpkin, and the return of football season.…

  • Valentine's Day

    8 Things We Spend Too Much on for Valentine’s Day

    It seems that Valentine’s Day strikes a dichotomous chord with us – those who are lovers of the chocolate-laden, flower-giving, over-commercialized approach to St. Valentine. However, in equal abundance are…

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