Where are you from?

We are both from WNY, a small town right on the Erie Canal.

How did you meet?

Scott asked Al out to the Halloween Dance in 6th Grade – 1995. She said no.

And…when did you start dating?

17 years later Scott asked Al out on Christmas Day, 2012. She said yes.

Are you married? (asked ALOT)

Nope.  Not yet. Well, we are happily dating…..I mean, happily dating and finally we moved in together….But, no, not moving too fast…Errrr, I mean, we are moving at the right pace – not too slow- not too fast….but yeah, moving right. I mean, we’re totally serious….and we know that we are….and well, yeah. I mean, no. Not married…..yet……

UPDATE!!! Engaged in October, 2014 – planning a wedding for the Summer, 2016!!!

Where do you reside now?

We are happily cohabiting in Old Town, VA, but love to jump on the Metro and explore DC proper.

When did you start the blog? Why?

We began the blog in October 2013, 2 months after Al moved down to the area. We didn’t want to be the couple that stayed in all the time and got in the routine of elastic pants, TV shows, and take-out (even if that IS damn fun from time to time…) In a DC Minute was born to make sure we were living life (and our new relationship) to the fullest.

How do you divide blog duties?

Scott is the resident social media guru, and takes the lead on Twitter and Facebook. Al loves the creative side and plays with the photos and takes care of a lot of the nitty-gritty blog work.

What do you do for work?

Al is an English teacher, Scott runs the public affairs for an association.



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    1. Just stumbled upon your blog and would like to introduce you to MetroStage. We are the oldest professional theatre in northern virginia, located in North Old Town and produce a season of plays and musicals.
      Please email me at [email protected] and check out our website where you can see the upcoming season.
      My cell phone is 703-309-0680.
      Carolyn Griffin producing artistic director

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