Our Life

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    Scott – 3.0

    We are one week shy of Scott’s 30th birthday. Which means we are then shy of my 30th by 4 months and 1 day. So, let it be known that…

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    A Weekend to Remember

    Since last May (or maybe before), Scott has been planning our November 9th weekend. Though it originally started as talk about a couple tickets to the Syracuse vs. Maryland game,…

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    October Favorites

    Part of the premise for the blog is to document the places we not only went, but loved. Though we usually share the same general opinion of a restaurant or…

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    “Must Love Dogs”

    I think we all know the pressures of a new relationship. You might be beyond just casual dating and into boyfriend/girlfriend territory.  Or maybe you’ve already reached “exclusive” status; either…

  • Halloween Weekend in Old Town Alexandria

    There are more than an abundance of events taking place this weekend all around the DC metropolitan area; so for now we’re just focusing in on one of our favorite…

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