The Secret is OUT: The Shirt Factory is OURS!

As of this morning, Medina’s Shirt Factory Cafe changes hands and a dream of ours is finally realized! 

Yes, Medina, the rumor mill was active over the last few months and all of you that guessed that the changing of the guard somehow involved us – you were right.  

About a year before we actually moved home, we started a conversation which involved opening a business in Medina, and that moving back had to include new dreams. We have been searching for the right spot and the right time to begin this new chapter, and our love of the Shirt Factory Cafe has grown exponentially over the last decade. 

Wedding morning coffee for Adrienne and Evan’s wedding – 12.29.17
Wedding morning coffee on Fox Cross Farm, 8.19.17

With that being said, we are not alone in this dream. My sister, Adrienne, and brand new brother-in-law, Evan, have joined us on this next adventure and round out the team. Though they will be traveling and located outside of Medina while he serves the country as a pilot in the Air Force, Adrienne and Evan are excited to have a hand in the operation from afar, and now have roots to Medina before we eventually lure them back home. 

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering, what’s next for Shirt Factory? In an effort to answer as many questions as we can, here ya go….

Who on Staff Remains?? 

Scott, Adrienne, Evan and I will share duties as owners. But truly the magic of the SF lies in the current staff; we have a talented and creative chef raring and ready to go – she is the heartbeat of that kitchen. We also have 4 baristas that make our world go round. Seriously, they’ve all stepped up and made this transition easier than we could have ever imagined. This team is unparalleled, and we are beyond thrilled to get to build the new SF with them on our side. We’ll be posting about our team very soon….

Why Shirt Factory? 

Medina, man. It’s this town that runs in our veins, and Shirt Factory is the perfect opportunity to give back. We are lucky that we have a blog that we can scream our love of home from the rooftops. But over the past year, in conjunction with local businesses (especially Hart House Hotel)  we’ve been able to bring writers from around WNY to the area to show them exactly why we love Medina. We can’t wait to continue this effort, and showcase the rich history of the Shirt Factory and the Newell Building. We just hope we can do is justice and make Medina proud. 

What Changes are you Making? 

For starters, you may have noticed we are dropping the “cafe” component of the name.  And though we deliberated for some time on what to add or amend, we love that the Shirt Factory can continue to evolve over time. We plan on continuing the cafe and coffee program by day, but our biggest change will be….


If you have followed us at all on social media or the blog, you know Scott has evolved over the last 5 years in his passion and talent for mixology. It has been his biggest dream to open a speakeasy/cocktail bar, and so this spring we are launching a cocktail program in the evening. We are excited for these renovations and can’t wait to share with you the process of making our coffee/cocktail bar a dream come true.  In addition, we will offer Niagara Wine Trail wine, and of course beer lovers will have options as well. But we hope to turn you all into craft cocktail connoisseurs, and Scott is eager to share his love of spirits with you all. 

In the Next Two Months….

Changes will be immediate, but gradual. Over the next two months, we plan on making minor aesthetic alterations, but we are most excited to add a few new menu items (starting today!!!). We will continue to offer many of the popular and fan favorites on the menu, and of course we are eager to hear your thoughts. Though the Shirt Factory currently offers private events and catering, we are also planning to continue this endeavor to truly share such a wonderful space. Adrienne and Evan actually had their reception at the SF one month ago, and it was truly a magical evening. 




So there you have it. First a wedding, then a house, and our baby will be the Shirt Factory. It is our sincere hope that you bear with us as we embark upon the most exciting chapter of our lives as brand new business owners. Now we just hope our years eating through Washington, DC serve us (and you) well. 

Now, who is coming to Wine About Winter??  We are participating and SO excited to be hosting Leonard Oakes Estate Winery and serving avocado crostinis to pair. Come on, you think I would own a place and NOT have avocado our first weekend?? And this just in – Avocado Toast hits the menu full time this morning! 

Please feel free to email us at or at our brand new address, with any comments or questions pertaining to this new venture. We will bring you an updated FAQs post with all of your questions answered in the days to come. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for behind the scenes photos and videos of all the new menu items and the process of building the cocktail and dinner program. Hope we see you soon at Shirt Factory! 


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    1. Watching your progress on this new endeavor. Medina is so lucky to have you!
      All the best.

      – Deana Daniel

    1. Excited for you on this new endeavor! Watching from New Jersey. – Deana Daniel

    1. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing the changes. Love Shirt Factory 💗

      1. Thanks Erin!! Now I just need to get you back to Medina to enjoy it ;) xo

    1. Super proud of you guys! Love watching you make your dreams come true!

    1. We met at the dinner this past summer at the Gallagher barn. We are on the Niagara Wine Trail and would love to talk to you about our wines in your business.
      Paul and Cathy Schwenk from Schwenk Wine Cellars in Kent.

      1. We remember, and such a lovely time chatting with you at the Farm to Table dinner! And we absolutely invite that conversation, looking forward to it!

    1. Wow! I will be coming to Medina next month and staying at The Hart House! Are you all still going to continue with the daily credits for Hart House guests?

    1. All the congrats in the world to the four of you! Can’t wait to see what you have in store. Count me in as a regular.

      1. You’re the sweetest, Jess!! Thank you!! And always open to thoughts and ideas ;) xoxo

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